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Mists & Shadows: Call of the Hantu (5e D&D adventure)

Deep in a decaying rain forest, another child has gone missing from a village haunted by a shapeshifting undead Darklord, the Pontianak. The charming chief of Darul Naim Kampung promises riches and rewards for the girl’s return, but secretly is a second Darklord, whose mutual loathing of the Pontianak is what has formed this Domain of Dread. Trapped by the Mists, adventurers must unravel the web of lies and tragedy that has doomed this place and hope they make it out with their morals intact.

I am so proud to bring you 'Mists and Shadows' - a short Dungeons & Dragons horror adventure for four 4th-level characters. This adventure draws from Malaysian folklore - in particular the culture of the Kelantan and Minangkabau people. This really was a labour of love; Ma and I had long conversations about Malaysian bomoh (shaman), ghosts (Hantu) and superstitions, and how an old black and white movie staring the Pontianak still scares her to this day! It also turns out that I have practicing bomoh in my distant family. Did you know that Malaysians also have their own versions of elves, called the orang bunian? Find out more, and as ever, do let me know how your party get on as this adventure unfolds!


  • Editor: Matt Chapman

  • Art: Mark Mitchell

  • Author: Kim Richards 柯金宝丽

  • Copy Editor: Amber Litke

  • Graphic Designer: Mark Critchell

  • Maps created using the Premium version of DungeonFog by Till Lammer


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Download PDF • 10.32MB


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