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DARKEST BEFORE DAWN (D&D 5e Horror Adventure)

Welcome to my horror adventure, written and created for an episode of High Rollers DnD. I love running horror adventures; this is the first I've formally written up and published!

Look up there, my friend, at the infamous manor that sits atop that darkened hill. Behold, Vincent Manor! Home to the illustrious socialites, Lady Annabelle and Kallista Loren. least, it was their home but, y’see...they’re dead! No one knows how, or, more importantly, who gets to inherit their beautiful and expensively furnished manor. Be careful if you decide to go and peer through it’s windows. Rumour has it, it’s haunted...Well, okay, haunted by beings other than the Lorens. Those women led very strange lives, they did. Held glamorous balls, but guests were never seen leaving. I heard the house is built on an ancient dwarven burial ground. My wife’s cousin’s son, Billy Gummage, once saw Asmodeus himself strutting around the garden, bold as brass! I’d tell you more, traveller, but my throat is rather parched…’ere, fancy a pint?

I’ve often looked longingly at the PHB’s Madness table while running my encounters, and I’ve never managed to inflict any of its status effects on my players. This time, I’ve roughly devised a specific SANITY SYSTEM to try and actively put my players through the mental ringer, as befitting of a horror based adventure. This system is a work in progress; if you have any suggestions or feedback, please message me.

I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to contact me with any feedback or memorable moments from your running of this encounter.

Disclaimer! If you saw the oneshot, as ever, things did go off track, and I improved a few things - Boggins, the knocks, leaving the secret corridor unlocked etc. I had a lot of time contraints, so had to improve a bit to suit a stream atmosphere. Feel free to use these ideas and your own improve during your adventure! Thank you to Marsh Davies for the character illustrations, and to Steg for InDesign help.


All of my adventures are FREE! If you've enjoyed them, please consider dropping a donation via the button at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your support!

Darkest Before DawnKIMRICHARDS_V1
Download PDF • 1.57MB
Download RAR • 144.81MB


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